My classes are about the process, not necessarily the product.
Get Inspired; Create, Feel joy, Let Go, Express, Do, Be!

All Art classes:
No experience is necessary
Can be tailored for children/and or adults
All supplies included
Can be done at my studio or yours
Can be a done as a Class, Workshop, or Artsy Party

Classic Art Class
Drawing, Painting and Collage.
This is a student designed class;
you pick what you would like to learn,
and I teach from there.

Mandalas and Mindfulness
Learn the power and experience the benefits of Mandalas.
Creating mandalas are a type of moving meditation.
Creating art this way, organizes and calms the mind.

Creative YOUR Vision, Create Your Life
Create a Vision Board, Collage, Color, Sketch, Play, Giggle. Tap into your subconscious, Ignite the Law of Attraction, Center Yourself, Learn what sets your heart on fire, Create the next steps to living the life of your dreams and be open to infinite possibilities. You will create your Vision Board in 2 classes. Plus, a 30 minute creativity coaching call to create your next steps.

Chakra-Art Experience
Healthy Self-Talk Leads to Self-Love
Chakra Art Journaling or Painting Course
To love yourself, it is necessary to look at our self-talk I believe that our self-talk is linked to our family dynamics, past experiences, and the Chakra System. Each Chakra is linked to different thoughts, and feelings. They are the basis for our physical, emotional, and mental health. There are affirmations that represent each of these chakras. These affirmations are all keys to balance our chakras, and to reprogram our minds, all for the result of healthy self-talk with a stronger, happier mind.
This is a 7-week course exploring the intricacies of the chakra system through art journaling. In this course, we work with affirmations, mantras, writing, painting, and symbols to understand where our blocks come from, how they affect our mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing, and learn how to balance, neutralize, or control them.
Paint From Within
Intuitive Painting that helps you give a physical shape to your subconscious. Painting without a thought in mind. This class is all about painting wherever your intuition takes you. This is painting from the inside out. Paint your soul, intention, or paint as if you are going to burn it, Paint until you love it. I will guide you through the process of art making as meditation. No experience necessary*just an open mind and an open heart.

This class is like having an artsy playground.
A creative buffet, DRAW, PAINT, WRITE
Enjoy creating for the act of creating and having fun,not for the product.
Why is making bad art good for you?
Practice Mindfulness
Reduces Stress
Actually reduce cortisol levels!
Reduces anxiety
Let’s you finally RELAX!
Makes you Slow Down
Have Fun
Improves and reinforces connections between synapses in the brain
Relieves sadness
Helps focus
Aids memory retention

200 yoga teacher training
Gentle Hatha