Welcome Home, Welcome to My Studio
This is the place where We Become Beauty-Filled
This is the place where Art, Yoga, and Creativity meet.

I’m Victoria Bronfman.

I’m a Fine Artist, Yogi and and Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach. I’m a Mom of 2 of the most amazing people I have ever met. Many people would think that is where my professional story ended. She got married, had 2 kids and they all lived happily ever after…… Not quite, I kinda of do things a little differently. I got married, We had 2 kids, he left, I raised them on my own and the 3 of us blossomed…

This is where my story begins… (professional one at least)
For the past 25 years I have been fascinated with the study of creativity. This stemmed from many years of being blocked, depressed, and generally, uncreative.  At least that was how I judged myself.
I knew I was here to make art, but somehow I didn’t believe it.
For years I looked for inspiration on the outside, through books, teachers, courses, men, antidepressants and chocolate.....lots of chocolate. 

And yes, I made art. I created art from the doldrums of self pity, teenage angst and debilitating depression. However, it was never good enough. In my mind at least. Then a point came in my life that I needed to change. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I set out on a journey to change it all. I call it Reparenting. I sought out how to cleanse my body, soul and mind- not only to survive, but to thrive.

Through the study of Art, Yoga and Creativity I found my way back to me, not what everyone wanted me to be. I create art that is about the process, about my love of paint, texture, and exploration. When I am in the process, I am in the flow of the universe. Meaning, I feel as though each painting is a spiritual practice- a moving meditation. My hope is that the viewer truly feels as though they have been though this meditation when they look at my work.

I teach Art, Creativity and Yoga for healing and wellness.   I am SoulCollage Facilitator- Listen to your wisdom through the practice of Collage. I am also a Kaizen-Muse Master Creativity Coach. Which means I can help you deal with Overwhelm, Procrastination, Perfectionism, Creative Chaos, and basically anything else that get in your way of creating the life of your dreams.

Join me in the Process
Welcome to my Artsy Playground