Kaizen Muse Creativity Coaching

Have you ever felt lost?

You know in your heart that you are creative, yet you can’t get the rest of you body and mind to cooperate.  

Have you ever sought out inspiration from the outside? Relationships, Food, Etc, thinking that those things would bring you Joy, Fulfillment, and Inspiration???

Have you ever feel like you have needed support?

Have you ever felt out of balance, unable to breathe and exhausted?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed? 

Have you ever felt thwarted by perfectionism, overwhelm and/or procrastination?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in Good Company.

I spent years, actually more than half of my life seeking Inspiration, Fulfillment and Balance on the Outside.  I have spent thousands of dollars on courses, books and doctors trying to “fix” myself.  When I just needed to Stop.  

And Create Myself.  

For over 10 years I have worked with on my own Creative Recovery by studying to become a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and a Yoga Teacher.  

Imagine, taking a course to help others, and then actually, saving yourself?

Through this Program, in my own life-

I found an endless flow of inspiration, self-fulfillment, 

and I’m now- actually- a working artist!!!!


What is so cool about Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching Process?

It goes beyond writing, music, art and anything considered “typically creative,” to every aspect of your life from day-to-day coping to starting a business.  Unlike many other coaching programs, this is no pressure, no shame approach- where resistance is busted during the call with a 5-minute small steps during the session.

This is an emotionally empowering approach to help you be faithful to Deepening Your Creative Voice and Increase Appreciation for Your Own Unique Creative Process. 


Discover Your Passion Plan

  • Four 1 hr weekly Zoom Creative Coaching Experiences.
  • Weekly Follow Up Email: this summarizes our experience, fun resources, etc (think of it as a HighLights for kids-Made for you)
  • Email and Text support throughout the month
  • Creative projects and prompts through out the month
  • A Copy of The Kaizen-Muse Book
  • Discounts on art classes and products
  • Inclusion in a Creativity Community Facebook Group

$600 a month 

$1500 for 3 Months to Discover and Create Your Passion Plan



Become Your Own Muse

This Course is Based on “A Journey With Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard) by Jill Badonsky”

This is a 9 part course in Creative Recovery

  • 9 Weeks of (around 50 min) Zoom Creative Experiences
  • Each Class is Based on a different “Creativity Principle embodied n the form of a fun, Modern Day ‘Muse’”
  • 9 Weekly Email Follow Up Notes of Our Sessions: this summarizes our experience, fun resources, etc (think of it as a HighLights for kids-Made for you)
  • A Copy of the Book, “The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard): Ten Guides to Creative Inspiration”
  • Text and Email Support Throughout the week
  • Inclusion in a Creativity Community Facebook Group


This theme schedule is flexible.  We flow with what you need at the time.

10 Themes

  1. Paying Attention and Possibilities
  2. Imagination and Innovation
  3. Play, Laughter and Movement
  4. Nurturing, Encouragement, and Good Company
  5. Practice, Process and Imperfections
  6. Courage and Uninhibited Uniqueness
  7. Pause, Self-Care, Diversion and Gratitude
  8. Gifts of the Shadow
  9. How to Get Shit Done
  10. Boundaries and Creative Protection

$1200 for 9 Weeks to Creative Freedom